Apartment building in Bieblova Street

student project
Bieblova Street, Prague 5, CZE
Ing. arch. Ludmila Čajková
Ing. arch. Běla Menčlová

Our locality is situated in a sloping terrain in historic built up area of Bieblova street in Smíchov. Building plot 6 metres width and 25 metres long defines the basic volume of designed object. Design follows from these dimensions and tries to use the narrow plot for living space in the best way.

The shape of simply block is freshed up with protruded volumes in the back part of the building. Front facade is indented one meter behind the street’s line. Object slightly goes over the height of eaves in next building. Designed building fills up the whole length of the plot and uses a possibilty of being bent in the 1. floor to the shape of letter L.

Construction of the house is carried by combined transverse system with 4 floors. The shape of the house allows to put stairs into the middle of the plan perpendicularly to longitudinal axis. The staircase divides object into two parts, where we can find 4 flats. Future occupants enter the yard in front of the house with a space between historic wall with statue of St. Jan Nepomucký and 1. floor of new building. Entrance for cars is kept in the same position next to baroque house. Six roofed parking places are situated to the back part of the yard. Surface of the yard is created by concrete paving with green area next to statue of St. J. Nepomucký.

Facade with french windows supplemented with colored panels in two modules (1200x2600 mm and 600x2600 mm) is in contrast with historic background of this place and makes obvious the existence of live city organism.