Senior housing in Dejvice

student project
st. Natanaelka, Dejvice, Prague 6, CZE
Ing. arch. Ludmila Čajková
Ing. arch. Běla Menčlová

North hillside with the view to valley Šárka in prague’s quarter Dejvice comprises calm place hidden before the city noise. Together with this, it is still located in sufficient connection with city center and it offers an ideal conditions for senior’s stay. Concept of the design arised from the conditions of the locality on the line between built-up area and natural scenery. Volume of the design object makes up the street Na pískách. 12 metres vertical distance of the plot is reduced by embedded lower floor of another part of the volume in the middle position of our parcel. An operation content is reflected by the basic volume that divides the building plot.

South part of the building with 4 floors and sub-basement are used as an accommodation for seniors with home care service. Middle part of the object along the street Natanaelka hides 13 parking places in basement, 1. floor attends to feeding with capacity of 30 persons. Next floors follows up previous accommodation with home care service.

North side of the design is divided on social welfare institution in the 1. floor and protected accommodation in the 2. and 3. floor. Social welfare institution for 20 people needs to be easily accessible by car that is guaranteed by the closeness of entrance to garage. Protected accommodation shows new way how the old people can live together. The base is reciprocal communication and sharing of collective spaces with the traditional single-bedded system. The both 6 members communities, that are designed in the project, can actively spend their time with one or two care persons and for example participate on caring about the extensive garden.