Family house "Na Vidouli"

bachelor thesis
Jinonice, Prague 5, CZE
Ing. arch. Ludmila »ajkovŠ

Building plot is situated at the south foot of the hill Vidoule in Prague 5 nearby of nature rezerve. Its area is devided into 4 parcels with expanse since 1000 m2 until 1100 m2.

Design is consisted of two family houses. With respect to plotís orientation to cardinal points the objects are placed to its north side. Volume of the house is based on simply cubic shapes. First of two storeys is embeded into the terrain. Upper floor protrudes to the space and offers unlimited view to the wide surroundings of Jinonice. Looking at it from the road going behind the north border of plots the house is proved as one storey house with symmetric facade. Symmetry of the south facade is disturbed by the second floor and recess of lower floor. The whole design was created as a pure and spatially simply to define building. External right-angled concept was projected also to the internal space.

Family house is consisted of two independent flats. Flat A situated on the west part of the house is suitable for demands of elder couple. We enter the house from the north part through the glassed-in entrance. The corridor with staircase is used also as a dressing room, that is usefull for saving space in living rooms. Seniors will find all needfull operation of the flat in this floor. Bedroom, bathroom and main living room with kitchen are solved as barrier-free with respect to orientation to cardinal points. Lower floor is consisted of guest room, storage, technical equipment and bathroom.

Flat B on the east side of the house is intended for young family with kids. Entrance storey is used as a private one. We can find here children rooms with south aspect, parentís bedroom on the north side and corridor with wardrobes along the wall as the same as the flat A. Lower floor offers lenghtways living room together with kitchen. Helping storages and bathroom with shower are found in the part embeded in terrain.