Multifunction extension of the company area Dekra

Türkova Street 1001, Prague 4, CZE
DEKRA Automobil a.s.
AA&B /Alternative architecture & building/
Roman Schleichert
Jan Havel
Filip Molčan

In the first part of project investor demands a new building for a canteen, driving school and some space for judicial experts. He also determins a narrow building plot in front of the hall for MOT test in the area of company Dekra. Concept of the object is based on the representative location for the new building. The main longitudinal facade is opened to every driver, who drive into the area, so its design is inspired by welcome billboard with noticable lettering Dekra on a toned glass in a typical company colour. Volume is formed by conspicuous roof slab, that is seen as a thick white line from the front side and that starts in the ground and at an angle goes far. It indicates some continual move in this area, whose main costumers are first of all motor applicants for medical check-up.

2. part of the architectural study contains possibility of the extension of the area with new administrations spaces. Concept is connected with the volume from the 1. part. It continues with next volume perpendicularly to longitudinal axis of the first object in order to close and unite the whole space. Follow-up progress creates another storeys and definite change in perception of this place.