Community Centre „Na Slovanech“

diploma thesis
Emauzy Abbey
Vyšehradská 49/320, 128 00 Prague 2, CZE
Ing. arch. Jan Aulík

Places with a strong context offer a number of clues in searching of new applications. It is a chance how to revive often problem of severed relations of the area.

Benedictine monastery Emauzy, whose historical importance can be hardly overlooked, under the influence of natural development has changed to multifuctional place, which provides not only spiritual but also common urban services as well. It can be therefore considered that its relations remained preserved in a way. But not always present-day functions adequately supplemented the monastery complex. In a searching of a solution I studied a line of original meaning of an Emauzy Abbey. Suppressed motives I try to awake in an authentic way, so useful in nowadays. The result is the community center project, which, under the working rehabilitations, restores agricultural function of the southern part of the monastery garden and renewed the meaning of connection between the monastery as a center of spiritual effort, and garden requiring physical exertion.