The exhibition of the cycle "Losts" by Helena Dittrichová

workshop Architektu(h)ra
workshop location
hotel Ještěd, Liberec 8, CZE
heads of workshop
Ing. arch. Viktor Johanis

/FADW architektonický ateliér/

Ing. Jiří Tencar

The exhibition of the cycle „Losts“, compound of three graphics demonstrates testament’s story about the leaving of Jews from Egypt. It is situated in an open space in castle garden in Vyškov. The concept of gallery is based on the maximal openness and fluent sequence on current castle paths. Main motive of the exhibition space creates snake footpath, that represents wandering of Jews. Three woodcuts are placed along this path in the order given by their stories. Especially for this kind of exhibition the originals are scanned and cut out into a precorrode metal Corten.

The first work called „Long way – hopeless calling“ form the cycle shows laments of Israelis at the beginning of their journey. This beginning is symbolized by the entrance through the wooden construction covered with Corten. The work is placed in the niche of this wooden gate. So visitor darts on his own pilgrimage, whose behaviour is supplemented by the second graphic piece of art „Fata morgana“. The name of the picture was an inspiration for its position under a water, that is around the whole footpaht. A constant motion of the water evokes some feeling of obscurity, illusion or uncertainty in the reality we can see. Next steps lead us to crossroad, that refers to a disagreemants between families of Jews. At the same time observer goes around the last work called „Next to the well“. It is placed on the top of the 5 metres high metal column in the middle of the water area, which doesn’t allow direct visitor’s contact with this graphic. It insinuates some paradox in the testament’s story about Moses, who led his people to the dream land Kanaan, but his life ended by the God’s will in front of their destination.