Centre of free time for kids in Vyškov - interior

student project / study
Brněnská 7, Vyškov, CZE
doc. Akad. arch. Vladimír Soukenka
Centre of free time for kids in Vyškov

Centre of free time for kids in Vyškov is non-profit organization, that organizes lots of activities for children from the city and neighbourhood. For many years center has residence in villa from 19. century. The house was reconstructed in 70’s of 20. century for the last time. So exterior and interior stayed without any changes more then 40 years and their current look isn’t certainly the right attraction for a new young visitors looking for meaningfully spent free time.

The design was inspired by entertaining activities of kids. Space under the stairs is formed as a broken surface, that is similar with many different kinds of paper models. My effort is to offer some nook for kids, where they can try to relax on waving part of surface or ordinary sitting along the wall. Wallpaper, harmonized to warm shades, gives gentlier character to that place and suitably connect the new part with the original wooden stairs. Free space infront of stairs is used by notice boards stylized by exotic fauna. Their construction reminds children paper model again. One part of notice board is used as sitting place. Design of the 2.floor follows the idea of previous space. With a floating fish kids can draw in the same way as on the table or they can sit on some of its part and look over the magazines from the shelfes.