Primary and secondary school in Athens

student project
Kiffisia, Athens, Greece
prof. Eleni Maestrou
Alper Tokat
Istanbul Technical University

First touch with school surroundings brings to kids new feelings and experiences, that can influence perception and attitude to education for a long time. Design priority was organization of the school operation, in order to move of the students was mostly in society of their coevals, in order that we could prevent the frequent contact between elder students and youngest kids and so that their personality and social growth could be developed naturally. So we devided our rectangular plot by the configuration of basic volumes on several parts with clearly defined functions.

Pupils come to the main communal square with a main entrance from the north and west side. Then they continue to their classrooms, that are devided into two buildings. One storey building with 4 classrooms attends to youngest pupils, two storeys building with 8 ordinary classrooms, laboratories and language classes belongs to more then 10 years old students. Two bridges (one in open space, second as a tunnel) connect this building with the opposite object and create closed circle in the interior of second floor of these buildings. In this connected object children can find classes for musical and art lessons and library. During the breaks kids can go out from their classes to gardens, that are situated directly next to their buildings and that are used as private space belonged only to kids. South part of the area is used for physical education, which comprises gym and outdoor sportsfield.

Object’s construction is made from reinforced concrete with brickwork. Fullglasses facades oriented to the south and west are protected against intensive sunrays by panels from white textile with automatic control. Wall’s cladding is designed as a wooden battening.