Pinocchio club - interior

Dědická street, Vyškov, CZE
Centre of free time for kids in Vyškov

Pinocchio club is located in 1. floor of corner building in Dědická street in Vyškov. Space of the original small barroom went over to control of the Center of free time in Vyškov, that meant transformation of the room’s function to free time club for kids.

The main point of the design is the original bar, that acquired a new function of computer’s desk. Vertical element protrudet from the wall is connected to this desk and then continues to ceiling’s beam with column. Red contrasting wallpaper unites the arised ring from the bar desk and the other parts into one volume. Becouse of the lack of sun shine in the room the white is prevailing color of the wall’s surface supplemented with graphic works correspoding to the age of users.

A part of placing was to design an entrance corridor connected to club. The idea of this space follows the previous graphic style. Atmoshpere of the corridor is based on the closeness of the exterior and supports warm and friendly ambience of the club.