Yacht club Podolí

student project
Pøístav 5/1148, Prague 4, CZE
doc. Ing. arch. Václav Aulický

The current yacht club buildings are situated on the artificial alluvium of Podolí riverbank. Elongated narrow stretch of land, rising up above the Vltava surface, creates calm and safety refuge for yachts and motor ships. Historical object of Czech Yacht Club at the bottom of the levee represents traditions of aquatic sports in Prague more then 100 years and it constitutes an important character of this area in the whole concept.

The basic idea works with segmented volume along the whole levee. The main volume of the new marina stands on the other side of the plot then current historical boathouse. The shape reacts on terrain’s morphology, it turns and connects with lodging cells in steel construction. East part of the building borders on the street’s space, where is connected with foot traffic. So public space is extended by the promenade along the north facade. Next support of the public life lies in reconstruction of the space on the south part of the object. Complecated parking with not clearly arranged crossroad is solved by underground parking and non crossing foot and road traffic.

Project includes also complex of not permanently lodging cells, that attend mainly to visitors with watercrafts. Airy construction carrying cells allows gradual intergrowth with local rank vegetation up to designed volume will merge with current nature.